P.J. Brett & Associates has been involved in a number of large civil engineering projects in recent years. The largest of which is the Irish Water, Water Network Management Services Contract which started back in 2017 and is due to run until 2021. Pre and Post condition surveys are required as part of the contract works. PJ Brett & Associates carry out the condition survey work for 3 out of the 4 Main Contractors carrying out the construction work on behave of Irish Water. We cover all over Ireland apart from Dublin city and the Greater Dublin Area. We have carried out over 6,000 surveys as part of this contract.

Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project

Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project

Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project, Sewerage Network Contract D - Cobh is another large scale civil engineer project that we are heavily involved in. PJ Brett & Associates were assigned as the Structural Condition Surveyor (SCS) for the project. Our role as SCS was to survey all properties and structures within 20m of the zone of influence. We had to provide structural monitoring recommendations for each property and set the parameters within which the Contractor had to work to, in order to minimise the risk of structural movement. Over 300 surveys have been performed throughout Cobh.

Other projects that we have performed condition surveys on include:

  • Upper Liffey Valley Sewerage Scheme
  • Togher Services Diversion Contract
  • M7 Motorway Limerick to Nenagh
  • M7 Motorway Nenagh to Castletown
  • Surveys for Louth Water Conservation Projects
  • Surveys for Wexford Water Conservation Projects

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to carrying out structural monitoring during construction work.