Buying a new house, office, industrial or commercial building is one of the biggest investments and risks many people will ever make. Helping our clients reduce that risk is something that we at PJ Brett & Associates take very seriously. A Pre Purchase Structural Survey will highlight in detail any issues or problems with the property.
Further to the list below we can provide Engineering services to help make this proceed as easy as possible. These services include boundary checks, a planning search, thermal imaging, opinions on compliance


Structural Survey reports include the following:

  • Site inspection
  • Assessment of the structural condition of the property
  • Assessment and recording of the construction type and structural makeup of the property
  • Inspection and assessment with regard to subsidence, movement or ground heave on the property
  • Assessment of the structural integrity of the dwelling frame
  • Assessment of the structural condition of the roof and associated framing
  • Commentary on the general condition of the building with regard to damp or water ingress
  • Provision of a detailed record of any damage to, or deterioration of the structure
  • Provision of a photographic report, in digital format, outlining our findings

 Pre Purchase Structural Surveys will highlight in detail any issues or problems with a property and will save you money in the long run.



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